Bell Type

Orange Blaze F1 65 Days

Golden California Wonder

Golden California Wonder 75 Days

Baron F1

Baron F1 (Red Beauty) 68 Days

Better Belle II

Better Belle II 75 Days

Big Bertha

Big Bertha: Extra Large Sweet Bell












Anaheim Mild Roasting Pepper 75 Days

Biggie Chile

Biggie Chile High Yields and Thick Walls 75 Days








Hot Peppers

Super Chili

Super Chili Spicy Flavor 75 Days

Habanero Orange

Habanero Orange One of the Hottest Peppers Available 95 Days


Jalepeno Early and Productive 80 Days









Other Types

Hungarian Yellow Wax

Hungarian Yellow Wax: Hot Banana Type 65 Days

Sweet Banana

Sweet Banana: Sweet and Early 65 Days


Tiburon: Ancho/Pablano Type, Mildly Pungent Flesh


Serrano: 85 days