• BETTER BOY      Popular all-around hybrid has high yields of smooth fruit with excellent flavor. 8 oz. fruit. 75 days to maturity.
  • BIG BEEF  Beefmaster type with twice the yields. Resists Alternaria and stemphylium. All-America Selections Classic Variety. 10-12 oz.  fruit. 73 days
  • BIG BOY   Vigorous Burpee Variety, heavy-foliaged plants. 8-9 oz.  fruit. 78 days to maturity. 
  • CELEBRITY  Large, glossy tomatoes with light green shoulders. 8 oz. fruit. 72 days to maturity.
  • CHAMPION  High yielding. Resists Alternaria Stem Canker, Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus. 10 oz.  fruit. 
  • BUSH CHAMPION   Big, meaty fruit on extra early, compact plants.  9-12 oz.  65 days.
  • DX 52 12  Big seller and popular Utah Variety.  Great for canning.  10 oz. fruit.  70 days to maturity. 
  • EARLY GIRL  Early Slicing Type, 4-6 oz.  60 Days
  • SUPER FANTASTIC   High yields of solid, meaty, smooth-skinned fruit all summer.  10 oz.  70 days
  • LAROMA III   Large paste tomato.  Great for sauces.  5-8 oz.  76 days
  • LEMON BOY  Unique lemon yellow skin.  7 oz.  72 days

Cherry Type

  • CUPID  There are a lot of good grape tomatoes on the market, but Cupid advances to the next level in the areas of quality, flavor, yields and holding ability. Meaty bright red fruits are nearly as firm as Roma types and are quite crack resistant. Vigorous plants set loads of fruits in long trusses for a long season that begins early, and due to a very high level of disease resistance, continues right up until frost.
  • HUSKY CHERRY    Upright, sturdy plants.  1 0z.  65 days
  • JULIET   Clusters of juicy elongated tomatoes on long, vigorous vines.   1 oz.   60 days
  • SUNSUGAR Very Sweet, golden orange, thin skinned.  1 oz.  62 days 
  • SWEET 100  Like its name, bears 100 or more, sweet, smaller than cherry tomatoes in clusters on long branches.
  • And others