When should I call and order my hanging baskets and pots?

We start taking orders the first week of January and then until we fill up.  The sooner you order, the more time your baskets have to grow!


Do I have to pay when I order my pots and baskets?

We only take payment when your pots are picked up in May.


Can I bring my own pots?

Yes, we can plant almost any style or size.


Will you call me when they are ready to be picked up?

We will not call you but hope to have all pots picked up in May. We will not be responsible for items left after June 10th.


Can I choose my own color combinations?

Yes, we will gladly guide you through the process.


Do you deliver?

We do not deliver.  We suggest that pots and baskets be picked up in an enclosed trailer or vehicle to protect them on the drive home.